Welcome to Clinton Presbyterian Church! 

We're so glad you found us.  We are a friendly, family-oriented church that comfortably greets members and visitors alike by their first names rather than by titles.    

We're proudly Presbyerian Church USA--so we welcome everyone.  We're not a group of perfect people but we strive to do a little better everyday.

We welcome all who enter our doors who want to know more about Jesus.

We welcome those with lots of faith and those with no faith.

We welcome those "on fire for Jesus" and those who've been burned by the church. 

We're a church that welcomes people on good days and bad days, days when you faith is stong and days when it's not.

Most of all, we welcome you... As you are.

We accept and celebrate our mission to worship and glorify God as we seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit to find the lost, comfort the lonely and uphold those with little hope. 

Our mission field goes far beyond our doors as we maintain a strong commitment of participation and support to mission locally and around the world.


"We explore relationships through faith and service."